Internal Control System

Who Needs Risk Control?

If you are
General Manager

  • Will you have to present your board of directors or investors with risk reports at any time in the future?
  • Would you like to implement internal controls to ensure that procedures are carried out as you would expect?
  • Would you like a mechanism to help you monitor whether you’re on track to achieving your objectives?
  • Have you ever thought of using a management control system?
Objective Controls is a solution for all of these needs Have your own management control system

If you use
to manage risk

  • Do you have a way of seeing how a risk is being addressed, any day any time?
  • Can you display a report showing the history of a certain risk, including the controls you have introduced and the findings recorded when those controls are monitored?
  • Can you get an automatic notification if you're not monitoring the risks you've defined?
  • Do you yearn for an easier and better risk management tool?
With Objective Controls you can do these things Read how in Risk Management

If you are
an investor

  • Would you like to get your portfolio companies taking risk management seriously, without putting too much of a burden on them?
  • Would you like to manage your own risks in an easy and effective way?
  • Do you want to attract other investment funds to put their money in your hands?
  • Do you want your companies to achieve their objectives?
Objective Controls will help you achieve these things Keep your company on track to its objectives

If you are
the director
of a company

  • Do you want to be certain your CEO is taking risk management seriously?
  • Do you want to know how well certain processes are being handled (e.g. customer support, marketing activity)?
  • Do you want a tool that will help keep your management team focused on their targets?
  • Do you want to oversee effective internal control?
Objective Controls is an answer to these requirements Implement an Internal Control System

If you employ
an external risk manager
ensure compliance

  • Would you like to use the findings made by your risk manager to evaluate company internal performance?
  • Would you like help your risk manager work more efficiently?
  • Would you like to know if a risk's status changes during the year?
  • Do you want to be on top the compliance process?
Objective Controls can do all this and keep your risk manager happy at the same time Read more in GRC, Regulations and Compliance

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