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Risk Management Objective Controls is an integrated risk management software framework that serves a number of different stakeholders in the organization from board members and executive managers to risk owners.

It is a risk system that allows you to manage the lifecycle of each risk from the moment it is documented. Risk owners can log all the events appropriate to the risk starting with its initial documentation, including its connection with objectives, evaluation and re-evaluation of risk probability and consequence, internal control activity planning and control monitoring activity. Senior managers can follow the risk lifecycle and get an updated status of the risk treatment at any point in time.

Objective Controls comes in 2 versions - Objective Controls Pro for internal control and risk management framework professionals and Objective Controls Essential for corporate managers like operations managers, CEO’s, CFO’s and plant managers who want to manage risks simply but effectively and put a business continuity plan in place. Its ease of use makes risk management possible for SMEs as well - see Risk Management for SME’s.

Risk and internal control specialists and management will appreciate Objective Controls’ integrated internal controls system, which is the key to really managing risk in your organization.

Whichever version you use, Objective Controls is an easy-to-work-with risk management tool that you can start using straight away. In just a few hours you can have a complete set of risks, controls and objectives documented and available for management review. The system is accessible via desktop, laptop and tablet devices - and most smartphones!

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