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Objective Controls Pro Objective Controls Pro is a risk management system for risk professionals such as risk managers, CRO’s, comptrollers, internal auditors, compliance officers and others. Its ease of use provides enormous business value also to senior management like directors, investors, CEO’s, financial officers, operations managers and others.

Objective Controls Pro is not just a risk management system, but a software framework with which you can implement internal control frameworks like COSO and COBIT and risk management frameworks like ISO 31000. Objective Controls Pro is all about really managing risk. It contains the following powerful functions:

  • Fast and simple Risk Management
    Fast to implement and amazingly easy to work with.
  • Risk history
    Documents the lifecycle of every risk you specify including the strategic objectives it threatens, the internal controls you have put in place and the effectiveness of those internal controls.
  • Residual risk
    Automatically calculates residual risk based on findings of your control monitoring activity.
  • Risk Management Dashboard Finally a dashboard that’s not just for show but contains critical risk management information such as risk heat map, initial vs residual likelihood, impact and severity and actual control activity performed.

5 Reasons Why you Should Start Using Objective Controls Pro

  1. You will be able to provide a better service to your clients and management.
  2. You will work more efficiently and make more effective use of your work time.
  3. You will be able to produce updated risk graphs and reports instantly.
  4. You will discover new information about the state of your risks.
  5. You don’t need an enterprise budget to afford it.

What Objective Controls Pro Gives You

Objective Controls Pro packs a lot of functionality in one system. But you don’t need to use its advanced capabilities until you’re ready. Even if you are a professional risk manager, start off with the features that will benefit you most, now!

Objective Controls Pro gives you:

  • Everything you get in Objective Controls Essential and more
  • A management control system
  • A risk management system
  • An internal control management system
  • A strategic objectives management system
  • An integrated framework that helps you achieve objectives through risk and internal controls management
  • A software system with which you can implement and manage internal control frameworks like COSO, COBIT and ISO 31000 (ISO 31000 is often referred to as a risk framework)
  • View of the performance of internal procedures in your organization
  • ROI - high business value without a large investment of time or money
  • Clear and readable risk and internal performance reports, all ready for your next board meeting

How Does it Work?

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