Internal Control System

Objective Controls Product Overview

Objective Controls is 'risk management for all'. It is a simple, manager-friendly risk management system that allows anyone to manage risks. It lets you produce powerful risk reports right from the start, giving high business value with a minimum of investment in time or money.

Objective Controls relieves pressure on managers by helping them demonstrate effective handling of risk to their board of directors, investors and other stakeholders. With its built-in internal control management, Objective Controls helps you work towards best management practices and provide proof of executive responsibility.

Objective Controls is available in 2 product versions:

  • Objective Controls Essential

  • Objective Controls Pro

Objective Controls Essential

Meant for ‘regular’ corporate managers - company managers like CEO’s, financial officers, plant managers and operations managers - who want to manage risk effectively in-house, on their own, in the simplest and most cost-effective way available.

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Objective Controls Pro

Containing all of the functionality of Objective Controls Essential and more, this is meant for managers who want the same simplicity but who also want to leverage their risk management activity towards achieving their strategic objectives. It’s also a tool that can make a risk professional’s day-to-day activities more effective and more productive. Risk managers, controllers and internal auditors will find it invaluable in implementing a comprehensive risk strategy such as an internal control framework.

Read more here: Objective Controls Pro

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