Internal Control System

Internal Controls Software

Internal Controls Software


Are you involved in:


  • Managing internal controls?
  • Internal control assessment?
  • Implementing an internal control framework?

If so, you should know that Objective Controls is:


  • A comprehensive internal control management system
  • A methodology for corporate governance
  • An integrated risk, objectives and internal controls software solution

Objective Controls is a dedicated internal control management solution. If you are a professional in the domain of corporate governance and internal control, you are probably handling internal control assessments with the help of written guidelines, questionnaires, documents and spreadsheets. For your implementation of internal controls, you may be using the COSO Integrated Internal Control Framework, which is great because Objective Controls is a tool that will help you in this endeavor. See Internal Control Frameworks.

Integrated Risk Management and Internal Controls Software

Objective Controls is an internal control system that provides a refreshing new angle to the handling of internal controls and the entire discipline of internal control in general. It is an integrated framework built into a software solution that combines risk management, management of objectives and internal controls into a smart and efficient workflow. It can support anything from one to dozens of individuals or more who are active in the internal control process.

If you are using a risk management system, the chances are it is built more for risk assessment than continuous control monitoring of internal controls. Risk management, important as it is, is just one of Objective Controls' essential integrated components. See Risk Management.

internal Controls Software for Corporate Governance

Objective Controls is professional internal controls software. Implementing corporate governance necessitates specifying internal controls but defining them is not enough, no matter how good they may be. Objective Controls gives you the framework to build a complete control monitoring plan and manage the process of continuous control monitoring for those controls. You can then automatically modify the risk evaluation and create a residual risk value based on the actual finding observed in the monitoring activity.

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