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Internal Control Makes Money

Internal Control

There are many opinions about internal controls in the corporate environment.

The skeptics say things like this:

  • "Life would be easier without regulations"
  • "It’s a pain, who needs it?"
  • "If we didn’t have all this stuff to do, we could get on with our business"
  • "I don’t need any big brother, I am in control"

The proponents think otherwise. They say:

  • "Transparency in the organization encourages personal responsibility"
  • "The more controls there are, the more I am in control of the organization"
  • "Controls cause processes to get executed more correctly with fewer mistakes and result in a reduction of losses"

It is this last bullet point – less mistakes and fewer losses – that the skeptics should take note of. A controlled working environment or framework, whether the controls come from regulations, industry standards or the board of directors, will cause members of the organization to work more correctly, employ more thought and accept accountability for their actions.

Controls are meant to guide management and workers into executing the correct actions and making the right decisions. We humans need a little control, otherwise there’s no way of knowing what kind of things we might overlook! Internal controls are the ‘speed traps’, the barriers, the one-way streets if you like, of an organization’s internal workings.

Objective Controls makes it easy for organizations to implement internal controls and achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduction of wastage
  • Making better decisions
  • Higher profits
  • Achieving more for less money

Objective Controls is an affordable software application that can help the sceptics get convinced and employ a method to achieve more for less money.

See the Objective Controls Overview.

Whether you are a skeptic or proponent of controls in the working environment, we invite you to hear more about Objective Controls software and how it can help your organization work more efficiently, contact us now.

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