Internal Control System


Risk Management Accountability

The Objective Controls platform provides senior management with insight into the everyday workings of their company and this empowers them with increased control. This includes:

  • Assistance in keeping in line with corporate objectives.
  • A macro picture of how well their organizations are performing in various areas of its activity.
  • Vital documented proof that the organization is following correct practices, according to agreed policy.

The result is a product that helps managers demonstrate accountability and gives demonstrable proof of their actions.

Accountability and Leadership

Objective Controls gives executives a way to translate the demands upon them into actionable items with proven results. That's because based on agreed policy, monitoring of activity (see Internal Controls) and logging of the findings, Objective Controls can confirm when the company is on track to achieving its objectives and raises early warning signs if organizational performance deviates from those goals.

Accountability in Times of Trouble

Laws now dictate that senior personnel such as public servants, corporate executives, even politicians can no longer pass the buck when it comes to illegal activities, whether carried out by them personally or their subordinates, intentionally or otherwise.

Accountability is put to the test when an incident, perhaps even a disaster, takes place. That is when the finger pointing starts. That is when the inquiries begin.

Therefore demonstrable accountability is critical today for senior management. Objective Controls answers this need by being the documented evidence that policies exist, controls are applied as required by law and that those controls are monitored to ensure the policies are implemented.

See the Objective Controls Overview.

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