Internal Control System

Objective Controls Essential

Objective Controls Essential Objective Controls Essential makes risk management easy. It's meant for CEO’s, financial officers, plant managers, operations managers and other company managers.

What Does it Give You?

  • A framework that guides you through the process of managing risk efficiently and effectively
  • Comprehensive management of risks without a large investment of time
  • Easy management of internal controls
  • Insight into how well your internal processes are working
  • Clear and readable risk reports, all ready for your board meeting

How it Works

  • Log in to your account from any browser
  • Specify a few risks you're already aware of, or download from our predefined risk and control library
  • Review and make any changes to fit the risks and internal controls to your organization
  • Schedule a few control monitoring tasks
  • Run your first risk report

Find out how Objective Controls can help you achieve operational, reporting and compliance objectives
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